Blog Author: Aaron Smith | May 15th, 2014


We all know how tough it is to get through all the information we need to these days. Many people also report that they’d love to read more but simply don’t have the time. Well the solution may be to consider audio books.

When you use a service like Audible (which is now owned by Amazon) you can listen to just about any book you can imagine. From fiction, to business to autobiographies, they are all there. You can either take up a regular subscription and receive book credits every month or you can purchase individual titles.

An audible account works on your desktop, your tablet and your mobile device. This means you can listen just about anywhere and most importantly during down times. A great opportunity to catch up on your favourite text may be if you have a regular commute to work or whether you are travelling long periods, an audio book can make that time fly.

Audible provides a 30 day free trial so you can start listening right away to see what its like. You can cancel at any point and the books you have remain yours to keep.

So, if you have been meaning to read more perhaps ‘listening’ to books maybe the option that you have been looking for? If so give Audible a try,

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