Having the correct software licensing is one of the things that you really need to make sure your business has, and it should preferably be recorded and kept up to date. The reason is that many vendors, like Microsoft, conduct random audits to which you must respond. A licensing audit need not be something onerous, but it is something that is much easier if you start preparing early. The key is to have a software licensing repository in which all your software licensing is held. This could be something as simple as a spreadsheet or  something else like SharePoint. Of course, many of the automated tools that Correct uses can provide similar information. Ensuring that the repository is always kept up to date can be the greatest challenge. However, such discipline will ultimately be rewarded as well as providing you a better insight into the software you actually use and need. If you receive an audit request from someone like Microsoft, the best idea is to contact Correct for assistance. We can provide advice or complete the whole process for you, but talk to us first. Remember the failure to be appropriately licensed can be a very expensive exercise not only in fines, but also with purchasing new licenses to be compliant.