Are you into podcasts?

Blog Author: Aaron Smith | December 9th, 2013


Most people merely use iTunes to download and listen to music. A smaller percentage download and watch TV and movies, but have you ever listened to a podcast? If you haven’t then maybe you should give it a try.

A podcast is simple an audio program that covers a topic. What topics you may ask? The answer is honestly just about anything you can think of. There are podcasts from large news organizations all the way down to individuals speaking on topics from technology, to health, to sport to movies and entertainment. The reality is that there is a podcast for every interest.

So how do you find the good ones? With so many out there it can take some time to find something that you’re really happy with but they are out there. A good place to start is to look at the ratings and the number of listeners or downloads the podcast has. Next, ask a few people if they listen to podcasts and if so which ones.

You can listen to a podcast on just about every device you have. All mobiles have apps (many free) that allow you to subscribe and update your listening list regularly. They will also help you keep track of which episodes you have listened to as well as allow you to discover new podcasts based on your likes.

Podcasts are fantastic if you have a regular commute via public transport or in the car and provide a great way to keep up to date on topics that interest you. They are now so simple to implement that there is no reason you shouldn’t considering doing your own podcast to speak directly to your audience.

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