If you have, or manage, a group of Android phones then you should consider using the Android Device Manager.

Once you have registered your Android devices, you can manage the fleet from the device or a web page.

The manager allows you to do things like locate the device, as well as lock it. Perhaps more important from a security perspective is the ability to remotely wipe the device.

This can be a really handy option when you, or someone else, have lost their phone and you don’t want any of the private information contained on the phone to be accessed.

With the sheer number of mobile devices these days it is more important than ever that you can control these devices from something as simple as a web browser. If you are in business, then having something that manages your mobile fleet important to ensure your business and any customer information on these devices is secure, and able to be erased in the case of an emergency.

The growth of mobile devices in business is only set to continue and it is therefore more important than ever that you develop clear policies to let people know how they should be using their devices in a work situation. You need to remind them of the value of corporate data that they may have on these devices and how important it is to keep them secure.

if you have any questions about managing your mobile fleet of devices them please contact us here at Correct Solutions.