It would be hard to find a device these days that isn’t connected to the Internet. The feature that provides unlimited opportunity also presents a significant threat, because the Internet also gives access to your device to those looking to cause harm.

Some people are under the misapprehension that you only need to protect Windows machines from threats. The reality is that anything that is connected to the Internet is vulnerable, including things such as phones and Macs. It is therefore important when you are developing your security strategy that you consider all devices in your business.

Don’t be fooled by people who tell you that anti virus is not required on Macs. Many viruses directly target Macs because they are soft targets. Likewise, mobile devices are becoming more and more a target, and that should be considered closely in any assessment. This can be a major challenge given the sheer number of apps that are out there on mobile platforms.

Security is never a destination, it is a journey. This means that you continually need to revisit and reassess security requirements and ensure they align with your business. Without doubt, that will also mean updating technology and auditing what you have to ensure you remain compliant.

All of this may seem painful (as all security is unfortunately) but balance that out against a situation where you are comprised and customer information is stolen. That is always a far much more painful experience.