books2We’re always on the lookout for sources of information for Small Business.  One such resource can be found at  In 2006 they teamed up with author Rob Hartnett to produce “Small Business, Big Opportunity”.  A second edition was released in 2008 with the inclusion of new chapters around online advertising and marketing.

The book is available for download chapter by chapter for free and covers topics such as

  • Small Business success
  • Causes of business failure
  • Turning ideas into vision
  • Marketing and sales strategies to drive profits
  • Developing and promoting your brand and unique buying reason
  • Targeting the right customers
  • Turning browsers into buyers
  • Different types of marketing (direct, advertising, digital, search engine, media)
  • How critical people and technology are to your business

The Sensis Business Index is published quarterly and tracks SME activity, confidence and behaviour with an aim to provide insights of Australian SMEs.

Any advice or findings are completely independent of Correct Solutions, but we thought it might be of interest to the many SMB companies we provide IT support to.