Windows 10 brings a truckload of new features. One of these is a new streamlined browser known as Edge.

Firstly, you don’t need to fret, the old faithful Internet Explorer (IE) is still part of Windows 10 (contrary to many rumours of its demise). Next you need to know that Edge doesn’t do everything that IE does. It still has some functionality missing, such as the ability to incorporate add-ins such as Lastpass, but that is coming. What Edge does better than anything else on the market is give you a blindingly fast web browsing experience.

However, Edge also has some other additional features that are very handy. The first is a reading view that allows you to focus just on the content rather than all the distractions on most modern web pages.

You can see the same web page in the above screen shots but you’ll notice how much cleaner and easier the reading experience is using edge

Edge also supports the ability to go into a mode that allows you directly mark up the web page, save and share that with other Edge users.

You’ll also be able to right click something in Edge and then ‘Ask Cortana’ which will display a nice information card on the right of the window as you can see above.

Edge is designed to give you the most when browsing the web. Its first focus was to be as fast as possible. With that accomplished it is now looking to become best browsing option for all Windows users. If you have Windows you can check out Edge while still using Internet Explorer.

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