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IT Projects:

BudgetingWhat constitutes a project?  For us, it is anything that requires the coordination of resources across a series of tickets, departments and technologies.  They typically involve implementing new or enhanced functionality into a network.  They are an event with a start and end date that needs to be budgeted, planned, executed and controlled.

Utilising our Practice Management Software which has an inbuilt Project Management tool, we can tightly monitor the budgeting, planning execution and control of the projects we carry out for our clients.  This tool enables us to have very precise communication processes so that we can keep you up-to-date with our progress.  It also facilitates a feedback loop which we are constantly refining to ensure that our methods and procedures are continually improved.



 Projects for Clients: We work very closely with our existing clients to exact their IT Projects in a manner that is timely, efficient and rewarding.
Projects for IT Partners: We have carried out IT Projects in conjunction with other IT Partners who are after an additional level of support or need to increase their resource capacity.
Outsourced Projects: We readily work with companies that may have in-house IT, but need expertise in technologies they may not be familiar with or just need extra hands on deck to get a project implemented.


Change Management:

Change can often be one of the most daunting prospects for any business.  IT projects such as system upgrades, software upgrades or even moving offices can fill business owners with dread.  Projects and change regarding the IT infrastructure need to be managed in order to minimise the impact not just on the systems but more importantly on the people and their productivity.  Our approach is two pronged; we take steps to effectively manage the project, we then look at the ways we can minimise impact to the users through initiatives such as training and documentation.

If you are about to embark on a change in your business and you need to ensure that the technology that supports you can cope, call us for advice.  We’re here to help.



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