Consulting and Strategic IT Planning

The actions you take today have a direct impact on where you will be tomorrow. Knowing this, we take the time to listen to what you would like to achieve for the future and work with you to develop strategic management plans for your IT Infrastructure - setting short, mid and long term goals using IT to generate business benefits such as reduced spending and streamlined business processes.


Typical3The Right IT

Improve productivity, reduce costs, reinvest savings.  One of the most exciting things about Strategic IT Planning is seeing the effect that it can have on the business.  It is not exactly the same for every company, but a typical profit and loss statement shows that in terms of dollars spent, the biggest costs to a business are people, real estate, inventory and communications, with IT usually sitting at the top of the pyramid; proportionately a smaller spend. 

Yet investing money in the Right IT can have far reaching effects, enabling businesses to improve productivity, reduce the cost of managing stock holds, cut the cost of travel and communications and allow these savings to be reinvested in areas such as real estate and IT infrastructure.

By viewing IT investments in this manner, it is easy to see that the right IT is a huge advantage to the business and can effectively cut costs across the company’s expenses.  Strategic IT Planning is paramount in ensuring that the right IT investments are made and align with the long term goals of the company.



Business Sustainability and Growth

At Correct, we work with our clients under the Network Care Program to discover the key goals and tactical objectives in the following areas:buildingblocks

  • Data Storage
  • Security & Business Continuity
  • Line of Business Applications
  • Document Management & Collaboration
  • Day to Day Applications
  • User Productivity and Training
  • Cloud Strategy
  • Online Presence and Marketing
  • Infrastructure & Asset Planning
  • Ongoing Support & System Maintenance


Strategic IT Planning needs to take a holistic view of the growth and sustainability of a company.  Contact us today if you'd like to discuss further.



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